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Crossflow Cooling Tower

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Crossflow Cooling Tower Cooling Tower
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Tower Construction

Tower casing body is made out of F.R.P. (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics) which is corrosion free, very durable and yet light. The body is coated with a special epoxy consist of anti-ultraviolet agent and more resistant to UV sunlight. Th e tower main structure frame is using steel which has undergo hot dipped galvanization (HDG) process to prevent rust.

Cold Water Basin
The cold water basin is constructed from F.R.P. (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics) which is corrosion free and is supported by HDG steel frame underneath. Th e cold water basin is also slopping basin to ensure the dirt and sediments trapped inside the basin is being diverted towards the depressed sump in the centre of basin. The depressed sump will prevent air lock from occurring during the tower operation. Th e sump is also supplied with suction strainer, makeup water ball valve, overflow and drain connection.

Mechanical drive system
Fans are of axial type designed to deliver air performance at low noise level. Fan blades material shall be FRP as standard and aluminium alloy as optional. . All fan blades are factory balanced before shipped out. Th e fan is
operating inside a fan stack enclosure to streamline the air entry while maintaining maximum fan efficiency.

V belt drive system
Which connects the cast iron pulleys at the motor and fan is contained inside FRP belt cover. Th is is to ensure that the belts are protected from moist discharge air. Optional aluminium alloy pulleys are available.

Is of TEFC weather proof squirrel cage for 3 phase 415 V / 50 Hz power supply. Th e motor shall be located outside the discharge air stream below the belt cover to prolong the motor life and ease of maintenance and access.

Fan bearing
Has a lubrication delivery system from external point outside the fan stack to the fan bearing to allow grease top up to be carried even when the fan is in operation.

The film type cellular fill is made of air vacuum forming Ultra Violet (UV) Light resistant PVC sheets which have corrugated surface. Th e surface has been specially designed to spread the water droplet from hot water basin evenly.

The fills are arranged in a special hanging configuration where no adhesive bonding is used. The infills are hanged from the top with rail support structure and hold firmly at the bottom with another same rail structure.
The built in PVC drift eliminator on the infill itself can reduce the water loss due to carry over within 0.005% with very little air pressure drop.

Water distribution system
The hot water basin is open gravity type flow made from FRP material that is resistant to Ultra Violet (UV) Light are corrosion. The water is distributed via specially positioned holes in the basin onto a scattering bars below. These scattering bars will sprinkle the water effective and evenly on the fill section underneath.


Standard Option: External Piping

Alternative Option: Internal Piping
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